Benefits of Geofencing Marketing Approach to a Small Business


 Geofencing is an appropriate marketing technique for small businesses because it allows them to make their advertisements visible to people of a specific location or event.  Your organization should start using geofencing marketing approach because of the following benefits.


 They may be browsing on the internet, playing games on a mobile app or any other activity they will be doing, your ad will reach them.  They can still view the ads even after they leave the geofence and once they click on the ad you can retarget them.


Any organization can use geofencing. The characteristics of the target audience are unique with each organization hence you create unique geofence from your competitors.  Geofencing is used for advertising anything such as a special offer, link to your website and many more.


 You can now target customers via mobile phones.  You can use email ads because people can access their emails via phones.


 You should expect a higher ROI as opposed to other brand and direct response campaigns.  Geofencing allows you to get a greater percentage of reach in the location you are targeting.  Unlike other marketing techniques, geofencing allows you to send ads to the majority of the  potential  customers in the target location to increase the chances of the majority of them buying because of the ad.


Geofencing offers better data.  You can improve on the geofence ads that did not offer satisfactory results and re-advertise the one that performed well.  You can find out from the data the locations that did not generate expected results so that you can focus on them and lay down more marketing strategies in those areas.  You can gather data and analyze the behavior of the customers in the geofence for future planning. Get more facts about marketing at


You can personalize the ads for particular customers. You can target the specific people who are walking in your geofence.  You can get the information about the event such as the agenda, speakers and so on to the guests by using geofencing.


You get the results of the performance of the geofence ads in real-time.  You make the marketing and advertising decisions immediately you see alarming signs from the real-time results.


 You are free to choose the distance you ad should cover.  You can build individual fences around specific locations where you are assured that your target customers are found.  You need to create a geofence where customers are most likely to be because your services are on high demand in these areas and once they see your ad the chances of the majority of them contacting you is high.


 The resource technique allows you to campaign foot traffic because you can track the number of your store's visitors and those who visited your store because the ad convinced them.  The customer who comes to your store because of the ad is highly likely to buy again if they see other ads in the future.

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